Hot Air Balloon Festival Coming to the Catskills!


Did you know there will be a Hot Air Balloon Festival coming to the Catskills this October? Enjoy spending the day in Jeffersonville, NY and see how beautiful the sky will look when full of balloons. Jeffersonville is a short drive from Villa Roma, so make sure to stop by October 1st and 2nd to see some hot air balloons!

We sponsor quite a few local events throughout the year and this is one that you should not miss! It’s the first time our local community will be hosting a Hot Air Balloon Festival. This event is being hosted by the JEMS, which stands for Jeffersonville Enhances More of Sullivan, a group dedicated to enhancing our community. There will be balloon launches Saturday morning around 7:30am and in the evening around 5:30pm, as well as Sunday morning at 7:30am. All balloon launches are weather and wind permitting.bXoAlw8gT66vBo1wcFoO_IMG_9181

A Family Event

All can have family fun at this fall event. Between the launches, there are quite a few fun activities the whole family will enjoy. There will be craft vendors, local artists selling their works, face painting, and archery. On top of that, there will be a barbecue with lots of food vendors, selling local delights.
At noontime, helicopter rides are available to see the Catskills region from above. During this time, feel free to chat with the pilots and ask questions about the balloons throughout the day. The Catskills Region Antique Automobile Club of America will also be in attendance, so make sure to check out the amazing cars that will be on display.

When the sun goes down, the night has only begun! After the evening launches of Balloons, there will be a Moon Glow with local DJ’s and fun music for everyone. This means that the hot air balloons will be tethered to the ground and lit up from the inside. Allowing the balloons to appear like a candle will amaze even the littlest attendants. Pilots will also be available during this time to answer any questions about the balloons. Even if you won’t be able to make a journey through the sky, the moon glow is something for all ages to enjoy.

photo-1460751426469-2b744951ebeeWhat to Bring?

There are a few things that you might want to remember about attending this event. Since the festival will be in October, remember to dress for the weather. It tends to cool down around that time as we head into fall. Layers and boots are highly encouraged for this event. You might also want to bring a flashlight with you, as it will get quite dark once the sun goes down. With the event stationed in a field, this might be a handy tool to have for finding your way around during the moon glow. Finally, don’t forget your camera! Whether you use your phone, a DSLR, or have a digital version, you’ll want to capture this memorable event.


We are proud to be a sponsor of this fantastic event and hope to see you all gliding through the sky! For more information about this event take a look at the Jeffersonville Festival of Balloons, Facebook page.