thumbnail-7It’s all about the Hat!

A Mini Convention for The Red Hat Society (RHS), will be at Villa Roma this October as they celebrate 12 years. All red and pink hatters are in for a wonderful, fun weekend at a Catskills resort during this convention.

According to the RHS, their society is defined by their mission of, “reshaping a woman’s life.” They are an international group of woman who focuses on fun, friendship, and life. Starting out with the gift of one red hat. The outcome of this society has evolved over the last 12 years. Including their rapid growth of sisterhood with hundreds of thousands of members.

Originally, the RHS was only for women whose age was 50+. These women would get together and enjoy life to the fullest. Today, any woman is able to join the organization and sisterhood. Women 50+ wear red hats with purple clothing and any members who are younger than 50, wear pink hats with lavender colored clothing.

This year we have decided to bring back competitions for those willing to take part. Look your best and dress like your favorite celebrity, or bring your best pajama costume to the stage. These two fantastic events bring to life the spirit and fun that are with RHS members.

What to bring:
– Your HAT: Whether red or pink, it’s important to show off your own personal style in RHS’s iconic hat.
– Purple, Lots of Purple: Don’t forget your purple clothing and accessories. From dark plum to lavender, and every shade in between – set the stage for a fabulous weekend in style.

Leading up to the main, Hatquarters convention in February, Villa Roma is hosting a mini convention for local chapters to celebrate 12 years of fun and fabulousness. The weekend events start with a welcome event Friday Afternoon. The play continues into Saturday with a purple PJ event in the morning during breakfast. Later into the evening, there will be a cocktail hour. Where you can get together with old friends and make new ones. Those attending the Convention have access to the hotel activities like the indoor pool, spa, and live entertainment.

Enjoy a weekend with the girls and get to meet new members of the Red Hat Society, October 14-16th. We’re sure you’ll enjoy embodying all of what RHS stands for, just don’t forget the Red and Purple! For more information, read Villa Roma’s brochure about the event.

Wear your colors proud as we hope to see you soon at Villa Roma!