Natural Disasters and how to cope

Mother Nature is truly a force to be reckoned with. Since very early on in time, people from all over, have tried to accomplish the impossible by predicting the weather. Weather, for the most part, is unpredictable. We have become very good at determining what the day will be like, but there is always that unexpected thunderstorm or snow fall that happens from time to time.

Yesterday, the Great State of Oklahoma experienced a barrage of nasty thunderstorms, in particular, Moore Oklahoma. This town has experienced one of the worst tornado’s in our countries history. The town was prepared as they could be with forecast warnings going out ahead of time. The disturbing question is, how could you truly prepare yourself for a tornado?

These storms damage any property they encounter, and will injure or kill if it gets a hold of you. So what do do? The best thing you can do in any severe weather warning is to take the advice of the meteorologists and prepare yourself. In the case of a tornado, it is always best to try to get out of the area of suggested impact to minimize loss of life. Although you have the risk of property damage, you can always rebuild your property, you cannot gain another life.

In the event that you have been struck by a natural disaster, seek help with families and friends. Check with your local community for centers that will aid you until you can rebuild your home. The one thing our country does great is come together during tough times, so always remember, when tragedy strikes, you never are truly alone.

The staff and management of our resort have the State of Oklahoma in our hearts & prayers during these trying times, and hope the people affected, find the courage to move on.