Stress & Economic Times

What a very tough and challenging world we live in. In the recent years, our workloads have become greater, there has been an ever growing fear of job security, our economy has been unstable, gas prices high, and the overall everyday stress of trying to juggle work and spending time with your family, has made the word “life” challenging.

Of all the above mentioned challenges we currently have, the economy is one that most can relate on. Prices on goods and services have gone up, and the purchasing power of our dollar has gone down. Inflation is rising faster and faster everyday, and our local governments are doing what they can to remain viable, which in turns mean, more taxes for everyone to pay.

How do we solve this? Well, there is no simple solution. As you probably have heard over the news; congress, our leaders, our president, are divided on how they plan of righting the ship. There are many good ideas on both sides with just as equal bad ideas as well. Since individually, there is nothing that one person can do to fix the entire economy as a whole, it is important to make sure your individual finances are within your budget. By being vigilant and taking care of your family by living within your means, you could effectively be shielded by most of this unstable economy.

The other important aspect of this is the stress you encounter from your daily lives. Although working in today’s world and dealing with the economy may not be easy, it is important that you put yourself first and take care of yourself. Do this by finding a getaway, a retreat, or just spend time relaxing at home. Unwinding yourself is one way to maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Realizing these issues, we have created a special weekend to accommodate both the stressful lifestyle we all live and making sure it is affordable as well. Join us for our guest appreciation weekend May 17-19, 2013. Come and spend a great weekend at your vacation home; the Villa Roma. Spend a great time enjoying great food, great entertainment, great activities, at a great price! This special weekend is 40% off our normal rates for this time of year, and we hope you take the opportunity to come and unwind with us.

Above all of else, please remember that whether you are visiting with us or another property, or decide to just stay at home, that you do your best, leave work behind, and enjoy the days you do have off. We all know vacation days are few and far in between, so make the most of it when you do get them.