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Family and what it truly means to Villa Roma

Family, what does it mean?  If you ask Google, your answer would be “a group of parents and children living in a household together”.  This answer could be universally accepted.  But what does family mean to you?  What does it mean to us here at Villa Roma?

Villa Roma is a family owned resort.  Bought by Marty Passante back in 1969.  Which once was a simple boarding house with very few amenities, Mr. Passante built an elaborate resort destination with a plethora of activities so families, could enjoy themselves.  His vision was to build a place where families can spend time together, year after year, and to create lifelong memories.  This vision, is still true today.  How does this relate to our definition of family?

Villa Roma has third generation staff members working here.  Some, have worked their entire working life at our resort.  Children of employees, eventually follow in their footsteps, and work here currently, work when in school, or come back and work after college.  We have watched many of our employees grow up, right in front of our eyes, and celebrated with them through their milestones in life, or shared their grief when tragedy struck.  How does this relate to our definition of family?

One of Mr. Passante’s visions was to build timeshare units at our resort, so our returning guests, would then be able to buy a vacation home for a week, and return year after year.  What started with just a handful of buildings has spawned to 25 buildings.  We have watched our original owners have their children, and now occupy their parent’s units.  We have watched them, have their own children, and grow up here at Villa Roma, year after year.  We have third generation families here, that have made it a tradition to make Villa Roma their place to vacation or celebrate life events.

So, one last time, how does this relate to our definition of family?

What makes Villa Roma Resort unique, is that we are one giant family.  From our maintenance and laundry workers, to our front of house staff and management, to our vendors that provide us with service, to our recurring and new hotel guests, to our Timeshare owners, and finally, to our year-round condo owners, we are all part of this happy family.  Villa Roma has a unique feeling to it the minute you walk through our front doors.  You are family the minute you check in, and always will be.  Villa Roma has a grasp on you that does not let you go, even when you go home. The memories that you have here, will be ones you never ever forget, and we hope you cherish for life.  This is our definition, of family.

Tony Carlucci